About Maya RPO

About Maya RPO

Unleashing Talent without Limits: Exploring the Maya RPO Edge

In the modern, interconnected world, talent knows no geographical boundaries.

Due to this perspective, Maya RPO adopts the belief that valuable talent exists in diverse locations. Entrusting us with your talent acquisition needs at a cost-effective rate allows you to allocate resources towards focusing on your core strengths.

At Maya RPO, our unwavering commitment revolves around consistently providing cost-effective, top-notch services that consistently exceed the expectations of our partners. Our achievements are intricately woven into success stories that are intricately aligned with our partners' specific definitions of success.

Our primary emphasis in recruitment revolves around specific and targeted fields

Maya RPO, a renowned multinational recruitment firm with establishments in the United States and India, is recognized for its expertise in providing top-notch virtual recruiters to staffing agencies across prominent nations such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Australia. Collaborating with Maya RPO recruiters is poised to enhance the efficiency of your recruitment procedures, ultimately making a positive contribution to your overall financial performance.

  • Contract Staffing Recruiters
  • IT staffing firms
  • V M S Recruiters
  • Permanent Staffing Recruiters


The More We Deliver, The More You Grow

Get our assistance to fulfill your requirements to nurture your brand image and increase
your low client base by enduring your relationship with them.

Higher Strategic Insight

Effective Hiring Process

No Administrative Hassles

Improved Efficiency

Recruit Qualified Candidates

Build Adaptable Hiring Structures

Improved Candidate Engagement

Onsite & Offshore Teams Collaboration

Reduce Overall Operating Costs

Get A Ready Extended Team

Avail Suggestions & Informed Inputs

In-Depth Understanding Of The Technical Aspects

At Maya RPO, Excellence Is The Defining Characteristic Of Every Project We Work on

In order to help our partners focus on their core skills, we want to give them the tools they need to increase their recruitment productivity.

Quality-Oriented Delivery

IT of various segments in the industry is our core service domain at Maya RPO. A blend of ground-breaking ideas, detailed approach, and quality-oriented delivery has positioned us as a leader in the recruitment process outsourcing industry.

Our Success

Our success over more than half a decade stems from our resolute focus on delivering our best. At Maya RPO, we consistently provide unparalleled cost-saving high quality services that exceed our partners' expectations, and recognize their best definition of success.

Dedicate Team

Our virtual dedicated team, backed by years of expertise, operates from India in tandem with your onsite team. They have the knack to collectively take possession of your recruitment projects and deploy appropriate actions.