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We are a global Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm headquartered in India. Our primary goal is to help staffing agencies all over the world find top-tier talent in the fields of Healthcare, Clinical and Scientific, Finance, and Technology. We empower our clients to establish robust talent networks, proactively nurture candidate pipelines, and consistently exceed customer SLAs by leveraging the power of Analytics, Compliance, Scorecard metrics, and an inventive Recruiter Compensation model.

Our approach involves collaborating with expert virtual teams, leveraging profound subject expertise, and local insights to assist our RPO affiliates in identifying global talent.

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What is RPO

Know Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic approach adopted by organizations to collaborate with external service providers, often referred to as RPO companies or firms, to oversee various aspects of their recruitment operations. RPO is geared towards optimizing an organization's talent acquisition processes in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.

By embracing recruitment process outsourcing, organizations can achieve a range of benefits. This includes elevating the efficacy and efficiency of their hiring procedures, allowing their internal HR teams to focus on critical initiatives, and reducing the costs associated with the recruitment process. Many companies opt for this approach when they aim to expedite their hiring processes and remain competitive in a demanding job market. The value of RPO services in the business landscape becomes evident through their ability to enhance recruitment process efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and align with industry-specific objectives.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides a strategic advantage in a competitive job market where attracting and retaining top talent is critical for business success. It enables organizations to concentrate on their core operations while leveraging the expertise and resources of dedicated recruitment professionals. As a result, RPO has transformed talent acquisition, assisting businesses in finding the right people to drive their success.


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  • hilton
  • Medecision
  • Greystar
  • DXC
  • Christus
  • Adobe
  • CBRE
  • 3M
  • MoneyGram
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Boeing
  • Amazon
  • Cisco
  • AMD
  • American Heart Association
  • CVS Health
  • Citi Bank
  • Elevance Health
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many industries are you working in?

    As of now, we are working for BFSI, Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering, Hospitality, and Manufacturing. We are working hard to help more industries to fulfill their goal of recruitment in the near future.

  • What exactly are RPO firms?

    RPO companies, or recruitment process outsourcing companies, are independent enterprises with a focus on offering other companies all-inclusive recruitment services. In order to increase efficiency, cut expenses, and guarantee the selection of qualified candidates, these businesses are frequently recruited by their clients to manage various areas of the hiring process.

  • What is the difference between RPO, BPO, and KPO?

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing: RPO concentrates on outsourcing several steps in the recruiting and recruitment process. RPO's main objective is to assist firms in quickly and affordably locating and hiring qualified workers.
    Business Process Outsourcing: BPO entails outsourcing particular business procedures or tasks that are not essential to the company's main business. BPO is frequently utilized to cut expenses, increase operational effectiveness, and let businesses concentrate on their core capabilities.
    Knowledge Process Outsourcing: KPO goes above and beyond standard outsourcing by focusing on assigning complex, knowledge-driven tasks that call for specialized knowledge and expertise. Research, data analysis, market research, financial analysis, and other knowledge-intensive tasks are commonly included in KPO packages. When a company needs access to specific knowledge or skills that it may not have internally, KPO is frequently used.

  • What RPO Companies Offer?

    RPO firms frequently provide a variety of services, such as job posting, candidate sourcing, resume screening, arranging interviews, and even onboarding. In order to fully comprehend their clients' unique hiring requirements, they may work closely with them. Then, they can adjust their services. Businesses can expedite their hiring procedures with the aid of RPO providers, gain access to a bigger talent pool, and maintain market competitiveness.

  • The role of RPO in upscaling the business?

    Along with recruitment, it helps with a number of important aspects of talent acquisition, designing a recruitment agency. Rapidly growing businesses in today's business environment frequently struggle to find the talent acquisition resources they need to keep up with their rapid expansion. Organizations may efficiently and quickly expand their hiring operations with the help of an RPO service.

  • Why explore Maya RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution?

    To obtain immaculate and superior recruitment services, choose Maya RPO. With the help of seasoned recruiters, maximize the potential of top talent while having a stress-free experience. Our all-inclusive services cover the entire employment process, from applicant sourcing and screening to the actual hire. We thoroughly assess each applicant and provide the best-fit solutions that are suited to your particular needs. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies for candidate sourcing and our capabilities traverse borders to increase efficiency.